Acoustical Concepts Inc.


John Vanore, President

John Vanore’s career has been the endless curiosity to pursue music and the world of technology, as related to recording. Touring with Woody Hermans Band after college lauched John’s trumpet career. After accepting the Director of Music position at Widener University, the first thing John bought was a reel to reel tape recorder to document all the performances. Music and the recording of it were inseparable.

The recording world changed in the early 80’s with Sony’s revolutionary F-1 digital recording system, and John was one of the first to purchase one. Also significant at that time was the formation of John’s unique big band, Abstract Truth.

“I made the decision that I would obtain the best possible microphones to record my group, and set out to obtain a collection that would be noteworthy, including classic RCA’s, Neumann tube mics (an M-49 to start !)  and many others, including one of the first Speiden SF-12’s (a stereo ribbon, now part of the Royer company).

In shopping the Abstract Truth recordings, EMI offered John the opportunity to produce for them. What followed was a decade of working in New York’s finest rooms—Sony Music, Avatar, Right Track , Sound on Sound, and Clinton, to name a few.  A gold record for Atlantic was a highlight of the experience. 

The decision was made to open and operate a fully complemented mastering room, and soon after a mixing room was added.  With the proper acoustics, monitoring and select equipment these rooms are world class.

Having the skill set of a player, a composer, and a producer engineer, creates an environment that is truly unique—with the understanding and comprehension of all aspects of what is happening in a project at every phase of it’s development.