Acoustical Concepts Inc.



The mixing room is a spacious and appropriately tuned (acoustically) designed space to create the most detailed and musical mix.   Central to the room is the Sony DMX R-100 digital mixer with MADI system interface communicating all track info, and the primary DAW system is Nuendo. (Nudendo a choice for its file friendly support to other DAWs and for it’s sonic superiority.)

Monitoring is done through a Crane Song Avocet to K&H 0300d speakers. ATC-50 asl speakers are available for further mix evaluation.


Bricasti M7
TC Electronics Reverb 4000
TC Electronics M3000 (2)
Lexicon PCM 70
Ursa Major Start Gate
Ursa Major Space Station
Lexicon PCM 42


GML 8200
API 550b (2)
API 560 (2)
Tube Tech EQ 1 (2)
Urie 1176
Urie 1178
Tube Tech CL-1A (2)



Mastering is the final step in preparation for a release of a professional product. Mastering tends to the details of level adjustment and imparts a size and dimension to the music. EQ, compression, and other tonal and gain staging techniques bring the final mix to levels comparative to commercial expectations.

Experienced “ears” with musical sensibility are combined with an acoustic environment, high end audiophile monitoring, and specialized equipment to insure the best results.


Dunlavey SC-IIIa floor standing monitors
Pass Labs X250.5 power amplifier
ATC- 50 asl powered monitors


Weiss EQ-1 Mk2 digital equalizer
Weiss DS-1 Mk 3 dynamics and de-esser
Waves L2
Forsell MADA 2a and Mytek Stereo 192 DSD-DAC
Lavry Blue A-D
Lynx Aurora 16


DW Fearn VT-5 stereo equalizer (custom)
DW Fearn VT-7 compressor (custom)
Anamod ATS-1 analog tape simulator
Millennia NSEQ w/ Fred Forsell modification
API 550b mastering equalizers
Avalon 2055 eq


Algorithmix red, orange, and blue equalizers
SSL- (many)
TC Powere Core
Sonnox Oxford EQ’s, Dynamics, Inflator, Supressor
Isotope Rx2
Wavelab, Samplitude
Nuendo, Cubase, ProTools


Comprehensive room treat and tuning with RPG Diffusors,
RPG Abfusors, and Real Traps